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HIX Evo Touch SwingMan 20 Swing Away Heat Press

SKU HI-11293

The SwingMan 20

is perfect for pressing ceramic tiles, puff transfers, license plates, hot split transfers, glass cutting boards, rhinestones, mouse pads, garments, plaques, and nail heads.

This full-sized swing-away press is a must-have for any serious sublimation shop.


The HIX SwingMan 20 sets the industry standard in heat press design for sublimation and textile heat transfer production. This will provide incredible
advantages to the operator – reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

Easy integrated touch-screen controller including a digital timer reading in minutes and seconds, digital temperature settings that range up to 450º F, and full-range repeatable pressure adjustments for items up to 1-3/4” thick.

What makes the HIX Swingman 20 stand out from all others is the ability to apply over 1200 lbs of downward force with very little effort. Our exclusive progressive linkage method provides a mechanical advantage where a small amount of force on the hand end produces a much larger force on the press end. With the Swingman 20 at maximum pressure, you can literally open and close the press with two fingers!

Specifications Sheet

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