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Action Engineering M&R® Roller Squeegee (w/ PTFE Sheet)


Use Roller Squeegees to achieve the absolute smoothest prints you've ever accomplished on press!

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You may have noticed that as soon as you finish laying down an under base and the mesh releases its contact with the substrate, it pulls up on the fibers of the garment. That's called fibrillation. Printing colors on top of a fibrillated shirt greatly reduces the resolution, detail, and smoothness of your final print. You can fix this problem by using a Roller Squeegee after the flash to matte down the fibers. Printing colors on top of this very smooth surface will bring out the detail of your final prints and significantly increase their smoothness (soft hand feel).

Using a Roller Squeegee and PTFE Sheet with your OWN Frame

With every Roller Squeegee purchase you will receive a PTFE Sheet to use with your own frame. If you choose this option, you must have a print-ready frame that is coated with emulsion and dried on one side. Once the frame is prepared, you will peel off the PTFE backing and apply this to the underside/back of your frame. For extra security, reinforce the edges of the teflon sheet by taping the four sides. 

This item is not in stock at SPSI and ships directly from the manufacturer to your location. To purchase please email us your information, quantity, and we will quote you the price plus the shipping cost. or call 800-876-7774 

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