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Chiossi e Cavazzuti Griff Conveyor Dryer

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This Dryer is designed to dry and cure fabrics printed with digital printers using water-based inks.

“Griff” is gas oven with high air circulation. The temperature is regulated by a precision thermostat that drives a modulating premixed burner. The flame is then always present and its intensity varies in function of power demand. In this way, the temperature never exceeds the limit set and prevents damage to the delicate tissues. The air exchange is calibrated to expel water vapor and combustion fumes and facilitate drying.

The hot air circulation is particularly accurate and use reversed blades fans, with high efficiency and low noise. The outflow nozzles send the air onto the product in a perpendicular and high-speed way. The efficiency of the system is preserved thanks to the presence of filters. The passage height is 130 mm, sufficient for the vast majority of products. Are available two conveyor belt configurations. The 2 independent belt speeds version can dry simultaneously two products with different needs. The insulation of the oven, which reduces local heating, reduce greatly current consumption.

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