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Automatic Screen Printing Machines - MHM Screen Printing

MHM Automatics are the industry's standard of excellence when it comes to high-production carousel automatic screen printing press. 

These Austrian built machines are the most accurate presses available on the market with standard features that you will not find on other automatic presses.  No press can be set up faster or more accurately than the MHM with its standard pin registration system.


MHM's are built with only highest quality materials and components using state of the art CNC and robotic production equipment. Their attention to detail ensures that the strictest quality control procedures are maintained, and your MHM equipment will provide you with years of trouble-free production.  

MHM Synchroprint 5000

The Synchroprint 5000 is the most advanced automatic with its GOTO registration, latest servo technology, flawless registration accuracy, pin registration system, super-rigid pallet support arms, push button pallet release, and so much more. The solid cast aluminium turntables are guaranteed never to warp or twist give the Synchroprint 5000 providing years of trouble free production.

MHM S-Type Xtreme

The S-Type Xtreme is the most popular automatic in the MHM line-up. This press has more features than any other in its class. The pin registration system, the lifting printheads, tool free adjustments that can be made on the fly, this machine is built for years of high-production use. The S-Type also has narrow pallet arms making sleeve & youth sizes prints easy to load.

MHM XType Plus

The X-Type Plus is an excellent choice for shops looking for a high-production machine with a smaller footprint. Bi-directional with variable speed control and freewheel capabilities. Along with the M-Touch Pro tablet this press is a breeze to operate. Designed to last year after year and you can train anyone in your staff to operate.

MHM iQ Oval

The iQ Oval features iDS intelligent drive system, giving the iQ-Oval more versatility than any other current automatic on the market. With no heavy chains or belts and no huge drive motor or gearbox to drive the pallet arms, the iDS intelligent drive system offers super smooth and accurate high speed movement in either direction with single, double and triple index facility.