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Most Versatile Embroidery Machine in the Industry

Most Versatile Embroidery Machine in the Industry

One of the most versatile and reliable embroidery machines in the world is the ZSK RACER 1XL. This German-built machine features a large embroidery field of 700mm x 700mm (28"x28") and 24 needles giving you a vast color selection for colorful designs.
The ZSK Racer 1XL features a flat sewing surface as well as it is a convertible machine allowing you to embroider on popular items as well such as jackets, bags, hats, shoes, shirts, and many more items. In addition, ZSK has been an innovator in embroidery with their machines equipped with the smallest cylinder arm, industrial speed and performance, and high calibration.
For more information - check out the video!
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