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MHM Automatics, an investment in your future success!

Making a substantial investment in your company is a very stressful decision. Especially if you have never used a piece of equipment that you are interested in. SPSI and MHM Screen Printing want to take the stress and worry away in your decision making process.

Take an MHM for a spin!

What is The MHM Experience?

Step 1 - Complete "Set Your Appointment"

Just fill out the form telling us a little bit about your business and what location you would like to have "The MHM Experience".  Once we receive the form, an SPSI Account Representative will reach out to you to go through the details.

STEP 2 - Pick your job

Find the artwork and job you would like to print on the MHM - Keep the colors to minimum of 6 and original high resolution images. If you don't have something in mind, no problem we can have something ready for you.

STEP 3 - Send us your Specs

We want to print on the textiles you normally print on. If you don't have anything in particular then we can have sample shirts ready for you. We can have the inks set up for you but if you have pms colors you have to match we can make arrangements.

STEP 4 - Meet us there

The day of the event your SPSI Account representative will introduce you to your MHM Expert and we'll get you right on the press! When your job is done you take your job with you, or we will ship it back to you.

STEP 5 - The MHM Experience

There is no expense incurred to you for this event except your travel and accommodations if you need to spend the night. Our MHM Expert will spend individual time with you.

STEP 6 - Welcome to the Club

You will find the owners of MHM autos are a group of individuals that are passionate about quality work and maintain high production shops. This world wide network is there for you  as you grow your business.

Wanna Talk?

Do not hesitate to contact if you have more questions on MHM Automatics or The MHM Experience.  For United States and Canada business only.

  • +800-876-7774 - SPSI Corporate Headquarters -
  •  Do you have an SPSI Account Representative? Reach out to them, if not we'll match you up with one -
  • Tim Ricci, Account Representative, MN, SD, ND
  • Dave Gehrich, Account Representative, IN, IL, WI, TN, KY, MI, OH, WV, KY, GA, AL, MS
  • Colton Codute, Account Representative, MN, WI, SD
  • Tony Bragg, Account Representative, IA, KS, NE, MO
  • Leon Heide, Account Representative, TX, AR, LA, OK
  • Skip Zuse, Account Representative, ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY , PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, FL
  • West Coast Inquires -

Our Amazing MHM Experts

Danny Gruninger, DayBird Printing   -  Denver, CO

Danny Gruninger, CEO Daybird Printing has built one of screen printing's most respected brands and is an Open Shop and an MHM advocate. "After using the MHM presses, it's obvious why they are known as the best machines in the world. The SP5000 is the smoothest running press I've ever printed on and utilizes the best registration system in the game," explains Danny.

Tony Palmer, PalmPrint Consulting   

Tony Palmer has more than 30 years experience in garment decoration ranging from manual screen printing on hand carousels to the operation of multi-color automatic presses.  Specifically Tony is an expert on MHM Automatics, Tesoma, Exile Spyder, Douthitt CTS, Zentner, and numerous manufacturers of textile decorating equipment. He has helped shops all over the world elevate their 3 P's (processes, production, and profit)

Check out what MHM Owners have to say

Bryce Nord
Merch-Ops, Florida

Bryce Nord has high-production operation made the change to MHM Automatics a couple years ago. He explains why the switch has assisted in the growth of print shop.

Peter Fertiguena, VP
Topdeck Apparel, Connecticut

Their diverse team brings a combined 50+ years of experience navigating the promotional industry. They have MHM S-Type Xtremes in their shop and love the quick set up time and ease-of-use.

Jay Meyer, Owner
Blue Dolphin,  New Hampshire

For nearly 20 years, Blue Dolphin has delivered high quality customer service and products to a variety of clients. Hear how the investment of MHM S-Type Xtreme has made a substantial difference in their set up times.

Jerod Eller, Owner
Rellec Apparel & Graphics, Kansas

Jerod purchased his first MHM X-Type Plus to replace his older automatic. After he used this press for 8 months he decided to replace his other older automatic to up their production level even more.

Lakeshirts - Largest MHM Shop in USA
over 50 automatics, Minnesota

A rare glimpse into Lakeshirts/Blue 84, North America's largest MHM print shops. Hear how the incredible MHM set up system has revolutionized their business.

Rob Dubow, CEO
Dubow Textiles, Minnesota

Dubow Textiles invests in the latest software and equipment to deliver quality custom decorated garment and hard good solutions. MHM automatics has been one of the contributing factors to their success.

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